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A 7 day devotional taking you on a journey to be empowered by the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Day 1 Open Up

There are so many misconceptions and walls that keep people from experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Daniel tells his story and challenges us to not put God in a box. 

"You will be limited to the limitations you put on God"

Day 2 Grand Introduction 

The Holy Spirit can be misunderstood because we don't know who He is. Daniel introduces us to the Holy Spirit of the Bible. 

"What we don't know can often go misunderstood"

Day 3 Why Wait

Why did Jesus tell his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit? If it was important for them it is important for us. 

"We Can't Accomplish all God has for us without the Holy Spirit"

Day 4 Power

Jesus talks about the power of the Holy Spirit. We will discover that the Holy Spirit gives us power from God to accomplish what He has called us to do. 

"You can do it in your own strength or you can do it with power from the Holy Spirit"

Day 5 Fruits 

Lets discover what the Bible calls the fruits of the spirit and how through the Holy Spirit we can produce these fruits in our lives.

"The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to produce fruits in our lives." 

Day 6 Gifts

The Holy Spirit is a gift that keeps on giving. He comes with gifts that we can operate in to see His kingdom come in our world. Lets unpack the gifts of the spirit. 

"Not receiving the Holy Spirit would be like leaving the greatest gift to sit under the tree"

Day 7 Receive 

Once we understand who the Holy Spirit is the easy part is receiving Him into our lives. Lets take this last day to pray and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

"The Holy Spirit is free you just need to receive Him"

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